Woman discovers hidden health danger following car crash

49-year-old Theresa Broughton thought she was in a good place with her health after a hysterectomy. So she missed her yearly well woman exam.

But things changed quickly after she was involved in a crash last year.

"I was thankful because it saved my life," said Broughton.

She discovered she was carrying something very dangerous.

"I went to the emergency room and low and behold, I had a huge mass."

Theresa said she never had any pain, she thought she may have been gaining weight.

She consulted with doctors and decided to go with laproscopic surgery using robotics to remove the mass.

She went to see Dr. Parveen Vahora of Medical Center Of Trinity.

The doctor said Theresa, "wanted a shorter recovery time and laproscopic surgery minimally invasive would
be the best thing for her."

Theresa says she's glad she made that choice. "I had no pain, I had no stitches, I had no bleeding."

She says her case should be a message to all women to take care of themselves.

"Little did I know that I had this little time bomb in there that could have been tragic, so we're never too busy to have that yearly exam".

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