Unique tips for parents preparing children for college

Alyssa Broff is checking out some meal options at the University of South Florida. She and her daughter, Kelsey, are on a parent-student orientation tour because Kelsey is starting classes this summer.
What is mom most worried about?
“The most important thing, I think, is making sure she's smart with her finances,” she said. “She's got her first job – keeping control of that money not, getting into a lot of debt.”
Here are five other things USF College of Nursing Assistant Professor Resheeta Chandler said parents need to think about now.
1. Organize your family's policy regarding information access. Your child is now legally an adult and you won't have access to any medical or academic records unless you fill out forms. “Hopefully parents don't expect that unless they go about doing something like a health care advocacy or maybe go into the health clinic and set up something that says, ‘Yes my parents can have access to my medical records.’”
2. Tour the college health center.  Most incoming freshmen have never been to the emergency room without their parents and may even be unaware of how to make a doctor’s appointment, fill prescriptions, or use medical insurance. 
3. Have a talk about safety. It is shocking for parents to hear the 90 percent of the time a victim knows their assailant and only 12 percent of all attacks are ever reported.  “They have a lot of emergency stands on campus,” Chandler said. “If you're out walking from class at night, you can just press the button. It’s blue and it calls the actual campus police department right to your location.” So make sure you ask what each university you visit has in terms of safety features.
4. Encourage public transportation use. Many college freshmen have never used it before.
5. Talk about nutrition.
Bonus tips: Go over how to talk to new roommates when problems come up. You may also want to talk about intimacy and binge drinking so students are prepared to navigate those situations.
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