Twin birthrate in U.S. accelerates as fertility drug use jumps

More American parents are getting double the bundles of joy as twin birthrates continue to jump dramatically, USA Today reports .

While the odds of having twins increases with age, a study finds the boost in twins is the result of more women seeking fertility treatments.

A report from the National Health Center found that number of twin births has increased 36 percent over the last three decades.

In 1983, one in every 53 births was a twin deliver. In 2009, that number increased to one in every 30 births.

"We found that about one-third of the increase over three decades was attributed to older maternal age and two-thirds likely the result of fertility-enhancing therapies — both drugs and technologies like in-vitro fertilization," said Joyce Martin, a statistician at the Center for Disease Control.

The changes of conceiving twins also increases after women get off of birth control, according to the report.

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