7-minute workout, also called flash, mixes interval training with high intensity

Seven minutes equals a long run and weight lifting

TAMPA - Beau Taillifer is a personal trainer working out a group in the Sykes building in downtown Tampa.

He's familiar with high intensity interval training like the scientific 7-minute workout, also called the flash workout, described in a may article of the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal. "It's a group of exercises that they put together in 30-second workout increments with very, very little rest period."

The cool thing about this workout is you really can do it anywhere.  All you need is workout clothes, a chair and maybe a mat if you don't want your hands or knees to get dirty.  It's a series of 12 exercises that you do for seven minutes and it begins with jumping jacks. The 12 exercises target all parts of the body, including squats for legs, triceps dips for arms and the plank for your core.

The key is you must work full out for the 30 seconds with a ten-second rest in between.  If you can do it, the experts say you are producing molecular changes in the muscles comparable to those of several hours of running or bike riding.  

Beau says, "It's because when you do interval training, you are resting so little at a time, it's pretty much increasing your metabolism and even more after the workout."

Steve ODonohue been training for a while but admits the seven-minute flash workout left him out of breath. "This is seven minutes of flat out intensity with no break."

Beau says interval training has been around for awhile.  Has his own version called formula 55 - and he says not only does this type training help you lose weight - but gain strength.  Bridget Terrien is a client of Beau's. "My strength has just exploded. I could last longer and I'm not as winded."

Beau adds - if you are really trying to get ready to wear a bathing suit or if you're trying to lose a lot of weight you may have to do more than 7 minutes a day but this workout is, in his opinion, effective.

Learn more about the Formula 55 version at  www.formula55.com

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