Tampa man has an unusual platform to preach about weight loss and physical fitness

How a local man lost over 100 pounds

TAMPA - Brian Fabiszewski is in the middle of his daily workout.  He's feeling inspired after losing 85 pounds in 14 weeks. High blood pressure and high cholesterol inspired him to start a program again after failing many times before. "I tried personal trainers before, but I never saw results, so I just quit."

So what's working for him this time? A stronger focus on food, he says, plus working out. Brian gave it one more shot and hired personal trainer Marja Blitz, who he met at an exercise class at Christ the King Catholic Church.  Brian says, "The one thing she focuses on it seems is the eating right and also short periods of time training but at high impact, where as other personal trainers I've had, it's been the same thing all the time."

Brian says Marja made it clear there's no magic pill. He'd have to change his lifestyle to lower his blood pressure cholesterol and keep weight off. Her biggest challenge? "Changing their habits around food. Why they're eating, if they're mindlessly eating out of boredom or comfort and just helping them to see food more as fuel."

Once 396 pounds, a thinner and wiser Brian now has a unique platform to inspire others.

To help those who have prayed for a way to shed pounds, to testify to the struggling for divine intervention to change their lives. Brian is a seminarian at Christ the King Church in South Tampa. "It's kind of like a goal with me intertwined because if you're not healthy physically, that can affect your spirituality." And parishioners are taking notice.

"They're always saying 'Brian, you look great. What are you doing? How are you doing it?  Keep it up!'"

What advice does he pass on that he's learned from Marja?  "Slow and steady wins the race."

Brian has lost over 100 pounds now.

For more information contact:  Marja Blitz personal trainer, Rock Bottom Fitness, 4020 West Kennedy Blvd  suite 101, Tampa  33606, 813-833-6013, Rockbottomfitnesstampa.com

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