Symptoms for women can be different when it comes to heart attacks

Men and women differ when it comes to matters of the heart -- especially heart attacks.

Dr. Brian Roy, who treats patients St. Petersburg General Hospital's emergency room, said women may not realize they're experiencing a heart attack because their symptoms are subtle. Fatigue and shortness of breath are more common than chest pain.

"It may be a little bit of back pain," Dr. Roy said.

He points out that unlike men, women tend to have blockages in the smaller arteries, which may be one of the reasons they experience the pain or the discomfort of a heart attack differently.

Therefore, women need to watch for those subtle symptoms because more women tend to die from heart attacks than men.

"Part of the problem is probably the fact that sometimes it's overlooked in a woman," Roy said.

He warns that even younger women could be at risk. The youngest female heart attack patients he said he's come across was 26 years old.

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