Study: "Man boobs" may be caused by exposure to common, dangerous BPA chemical

Chemical also linked to obesity, behavior problems

There are many men who have unusually large mammary glands, also known as man boobs, but a new report says the cause behind them may be a common chemical that is becoming pretty difficult to escape: BPA.

BPA, short for bisphenol-A, is a chemical found in common items like canned foods and bottled water.

The latest edition of the Reproductive Toxiology journal says it may promote breast growth in boys and adult men.

When researchers exposed male mice to low doses of BPA, the mice's mammary tissue enlarged in adulthood, Men's Health reports.

The chemical is said to behave like a synthetic estrogen.

The author of the study, Laura Vandenberg, PhD, says the research proves male breast growth can be affected by BPA exposure, particularly when the male is exposed during the early development stages of his life.

BPA is found in many products, including baby bottles, plastic containers and even nature (air, water and sand). 

Several states have already pushed to have BPA removed from  baby-related products.

Side effects attributed to BPA exposure include breast and prostate cancers, heart and kidney damage, behavioral problems and obesity.

For more information and tips on avoiding BPA, read Men's Health report here:

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