Study finds that plate color can encourage weight loss or weight gain

If you want to drop weight, it starts with the color of your plate---according to a study from the Journal of Consumer Research.

The research found that when food is placed on a plate that matches its color, the food tends to blend into the plate, leading people to eat more.

When the same amount of food is served on a plate that contrasts the meal, like red spaghetti on a green plate, for example, the portion appears larger and it's more psychologically satisfying.  

Dietician Roberta Anding told ABC 13 a plate color that assists in eating less is blue.

"If you're really trying to watch your weight, maybe what you want to do is look for the bluest plate you have in your cupboard and use that because that's the least appealing blend with food," Anding said.

But if blue plates aren't available, experts advise that a white plate will help to give a more accurate perspective on most all foods.

When it comes to plate colors to avoid, red and gold plates are more likely to have you overfill your plate.

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