Signs you may be ignoring about your heart

TAMPA - All too often, it's those little signs that we ignore that could prevent big problems.

A Tampa man took note of some minor symptoms and it may have saved his health.

Bob Greenhalgh says it started with a flash of light that appeared in his eye while he was on a plane.

He said he knew something was wrong.

"I remember putting my left hand over my right eye and saying, 'well okay, I can see out of this eye,' and I put my right hand over my right eye and it was blackness," says Greenhalgh.

He found out he had suffered a mini-stroke.  He is now blind in one eye.

Doctors discovered he had a hole in his heart, which allowed a blood clot to pass through. The hole had to be fixed.

"Luckily, in this era of medicine, we can now fix holes without surgery, without cracking the chest open.

 Just through a small incision in the groin", says Dr. Rey Mulingtapan of Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute.

Greenhalgh's story took another twist.  While on the table in the cath lab, doctors discovered two blocked blood vessels underneath Bob's heart.

Doctors placed two stents in the vessels, opening them up.

"At the end of the day, the stroke in the eye may have saved my life", says Greenhalgh.

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