Powdered alcohol 'Palcohol' coming to liquor stores, possibly this fall

A company called Palcohol recently got approval from the federal government to sell powdered alcohol.

Creator Mark Phillips was inspired to come up with a pack alcohol during activities like hiking and camping without having to carry heavy bottles of wine, beer or spirits, according to the website.

"Wouldn't it be great to have alcohol in powder form so all one had to do is add water? Since powder is light and compact, it wouldn't be a burden to carry," the website states.

After years of research, experimentation and consultation with scientists around the world, Phillips developed Palcohol.

One package weighs about an ounce and is small enough to fit into any pocket.

"It's not just for the sportsperson. Palcohol can be transported in your luggage without the fear of bottles breaking. In any situation where weight and breakage is an issue, Palcohol provides the answer," the website reads. "That's why we say, 'Take your Pal wherever you go!'"

When used as directed, by adding five ounces of liquid to it, is equal to a standard mixed drink.

Palcohol plans to release six versions:

-- V which is powder made from premium vodka distilled four times
-- R which is powder made from premium Puerto Rican rum
-- Cosmopolitan
-- Mojito
-- Powderita - tastes just like a Margarita
-- Lemon Drop

Palcohol states "we have yet to understand its potential of being added to food. As always, please use it responsibly. Because it adds alcohol to the dish, do not serve the dish to minors."

As for snorting the powder, the company warns, "We have seen comments about goofballs wanting to snort it. Don't do it!"

"To take precautions against this action, we've added volume to the powder so it would take more than a half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose," the website states. "You would feel a lot of pain for very little gain."

The company expects Palcohol to be for sale this fall.

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