Nonprofit foundation helps breast cancer patients enjoy dream vacations with their families

Dream trip for woman with stage 4 breast cancer

LONG BOAT KEY, Fla - Tami and Mike Boehmer, along with their 13-year-old daughter Chrissy, are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary on Longboat Key.

It's a long way from their home in Cincinnati and the rougher waters they are facing there. 

"I have metastatic breast cancer I've been dealing with since 2008 and I've recently been through treatment but had some tests to show it wasn't working," Tami said.

The stress was wearing the family down.

"A lot of really heavy things to think about and hard choices to make and you try not to project too far and also Tami has been experiencing pain lately, sharp shooting pain and just seeing that is tough to be around."

Tami and Mike had longed to escape here to Florida. She says, "We have a lot of expenses. We were looking on line and flights were really expensive and I thought, well, we can't do it then I remembered the Karen Wellington Foundation."

The foundation gives women fighting breast cancer and their families a break from their rigorous and often painful treatments by providing financially strapped families the money to vacation.  

"They paid for our flight, our condo where we're staying and gave us $500 spending money," Tami said.

She says the vacation is a blessing in the middle of a storm. "As soon as we got here, I felt my whole body relax."

"I got a picture of her and my daughter this morning walking and it was like this is it, this is what life is all about," Mike said.

Tami will go back to Cincinnati and continue her fight but not before spreading the word about the foundation that got her here.

"I would love for more people to be thinking about donating their places. I think you only have to donate as little as a week so some other families can enjoy this and have a respite from dealing with cancer," she said.

Tami has a blog called miracle survivors and she's written a book called From Incurable to Incredible.

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