New technology makes the trip to the dentist less painful

Need new teeth, but you're afraid of the pain that can come with that extensive dental work?

New technology is making your trip to the dentist's office less painful.

Gloria Boykins says she avoided the dentist office for 15 years, until a car accident knocked out all of her teeth. She says it affected her ability to eat, socialize and be able to talk in front of a crowd. Then she heard about a new procedure.

"They can have dental implants placed while they are asleep and we can put in teeth the very same day", says oral surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Musser of Florida Dental Implants.

"We like to encourage people to have good oral health and we've tried to do that with our New Teeth Now procedure, which allows a patient who has avoided dental care at all costs to come in, be put to sleep, have bad teeth taken out".

 At $43,000, New Teeth Now isn't cheap, but client, Ann Marie Gibb says it's worth it.

"I can eat anything when I got to a restaurant with my friend. I don't have to go to the menu and see what the softest thing is."

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