Neglected breast cancer discoveries that could save your life, possible breast cancer vaccine

Preventative strategies to cut the rate of cancer

TAMPA - When you take in this relaxing treatment you probably don't think breast cancer prevention strategy, but Dr. Christine Horner says you should.

A leading authority on breast cancer prevention - she's written a book about neglected breast cancer discoveries. She believes our best bet is a preventative breast cancer vaccine already in the works.

"The Cleveland Clinic discovered a protein that's produced by most breast cancers. So they've developed a vaccine that actually targets that protein," Horner said.

Researchers are in the process of FDA approval to begin human trials but funding has been limited. Dr. Horner believes it's because a vaccine is a threat to organizations that profit from the treatment of cancer. While we wait for those trials to take place - she recommends a few other prevention methods- including Panchakarma, basically a spa purification.

 "Five thousand years ago people ate organically. They didn't have all the chemical pesticides and toxins we have today. Panchakarma is designed to remove toxins from the body and it's luxurious treatments where they do lots of massage, using oil and heat treatments," Horner said.

But there is a colonic cleansing at the end.

She also claims there's cancer fighting magic in these foods including mushrooms.

"Mushrooms are special in that they help our immune system."

And she says you can reap the benefit in a supplement you don't have to eat a bowl full every day.  

And perhaps the most surprising prevention method, love. Dr. Horner says studies have shown women who develop breast cancer tend to give more love than they receive. 

"What research shows - which is very fascinating - is that of all the things that affect our health - so this is including survival, disease and everything, there's one thing that affects are health more than genetics, diet and more than smoking and that is feeling that we are in loved and supportive relationships."

Dr Horner says toxic relationships can damage the physical body - she says there are seven billion people on the planet. You have choices. Choose someone who is loving and supportive.

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