Mother - daughter facelifts. The latest cosmetic trend. See the before and after pictures.

Bonding to feel good. Surgery to look good.

TAMPA - Regan Hoefle, the patient care coordinator at this South Tampa plastic surgeon's office, has noticed a growing trend - mother and daughter facelifts.

"I see more than I have in the past, definitely," said Regan. "Daughters are sometimes braver but sometimes it's the opposite. I had a German lady who was on her third lift. She came first and her two daughters came after her.

She says the bonding makes them feel good. The surgery makes them look good.

"A lot of time if someone is getting married the mom will come in wanting to look good for the wedding," said Regan. "The bride also wants to look good so that's a special time that happens."

She even convinced her own mother to join her in the latest craze.

"She'd been a caregiver for 30 years," said Regan . "She took care of everybody but herself. So it was very out of character for her to do something that some might thought of as vain."

Regan had Botox, Sculptra, a facial filler used under the eyes, and ultrasound therapy. Her mom had an ImageLift, a mini-facelift so to speak, done with local anesthesia.

Dr. Richard Castellano says that's one main reason behind this new trend, less expensive - less invasive cosmetic face procedures.

"When women come in, they love to get their hair done or go get their nails done, and now they get a little bit of Botox or fillers and maybe mom says I'd like to do a little bit more," said Dr. Castellano.

Judy says taking away the sagging skin under her chin gave her new confidence.

"Now when I look in the mirror I like what I don't see. And my world has opened up," said Judy.

But she admits she probably never would have tried the mini lift without her daughter. Now, this 71-year-old widow is even ready to start dating again.

"I've considered that that might come about," said Judy.

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