Lunchtime laser lift may take years off your face in a non-surgical, less invasive way

Heat the deep layers of skin for a younger look

Lauren Gause is having a birthday soon.  She's turning 45. 

As a present to herself, she's getting a laser lift, a new non-invasive way to lift sagging skin.

"It serves to tighten the areas of the jowls and the neck line.  The older I get," said Gause, "I seem to be getting more drooping in that area."

Dr. Rigo Mendoza says a new fiber optic laser repairs aging skin from the inside out.  "There's a laser fiber that we use and we introduce it through three tiny little incisions in the face, one behind each ear lobe and one by the chin.  It is a side-firing laser, and we can turn it to heat up the tissue deep and we can rotate it to heat up under the surface of the skin.'

Dr. Mendoza says that will spur new collagen growth, which results in skin tightening.

Fifty-four-year-old Nancy Kelley already had it done. "Every time I looked in the mirror, I looked old." 

She was actually on the schedule to have an invasive surgical face lift when Doctor Mendoza told her she was a good candidate for this less-invasive alternative.

At $3,000, the laser lift was also half the cost.  "I came in on a Friday, I had it done.  It took about 45 minutes. I went home and I was back to work on Monday.  They put a little bit of numbing medicine in and after that I didn't feel anything. I had a little swelling and a little bit of bruising."

She says her friends are so impressed they've booked consultations.

The procedure is relatively new.  Doctor Mendoza says they've only had the device for a few weeks.

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Mendoza at the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery, 4504 Wishart Place, Tampa, FL 33603, call 813-872-7800, or visit

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