Local twin is ill with rare disease and needs treatment in Philadelphia. Family needs financial help

Colton's Care Angel's

Tampa, Fla - Like most new mothers, Candice Seward has her hands full, changing diapers, breast feeding and watching an active four year old. But for the last 21 days, she's been riding as especially challenging emotional roller coaster. Colton, one of her newborn twins, stopped breathing. "I'm just flipping and trying to do CPR and we just couldn't get it for 30 seconds and the nurses came running. It was like the biggest drama scene ever. It was unbearable to witness, your child not breathing," said Seward.

Doctors finally discovered low blood sugar was causing Colton to crash. It was a working diagnosis of congenital Hyperinsulinemia.

Seward says that's the opposite of diabetes. Colton's body is producing too much insulin, which makes his body not produce the right amount of sugar. Now he's hospital-bound and hooked to IV's and a pic line. "He is having to have synthetic sugar pumped into his body just to keep his body going. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a unit  that specializes hyperinsulinemia," Seward said.

But first they have to get there.

Medicaid is supposed to pay for Colton's medical care and flight to Philly but Seward, who isn't working right now, will have to come up with travel, food and other expenses for her, her other babies and her mother. Her fiancé's family put together a "Go Fund Me" account to help raise money: www.gofundme.com/6g5voc

"We're going. We're going some way or another. If we don't there's nothing to do. He's stuck in the hospital till a miracle happens. Philadelphia is going to be our miracle," Seward said.

Seward says Colton may have to have surgery in Philly to have a part of his pancreas removed so he stops making so much insulin.

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