Local doctor fixes festoons, or unwanted bags, under the eyes with laser procedure

Doctor Oz interested in local doctors fix for eyes

TAMPA - I've used everything. The cucumbers, one of my friends even gave me a caffeine stick." Susanna Peel looks older than she feels and she blames these - bags under the eyes also called festoons. "Some mornings I have to go to see the clock."

She's come to Tampa doctor Adam Scheiner to get them fixed. "Festoons are a medical condition in which the skin of the lower eyelid becomes severely damaged usually by the sun. The skin can form folds and swollen mounds form on the cheeks."

Susanna says, "I work at the hospital and we're always taking pictures and I'm like get a way from me with the camera. And if I do take a picture, people say Susanna open your eyes. And I'll say they are open. It's just they way people say are you tired?"

Not only are they bothersome but the doctor says, "Festoons interestingly can also be an indicator for pre cancerous lesions on other parts of the face. They often occur with age and more often occur in people with lighter skin types."

Traditionally people would try surgery, "With conventional surgery, what they try to do is stretch the skin in an effort to flatten the festoon."

Doctor Scheiner uses this laser to get rid of the first two layers of skin, and get down to the deeper layers to stimulate the production of collagen which then creates new skin. The doctor often does this festoon procedure in tandem with upper eye lid surgery.

This treatment is so cutting edge, Doctor Oz featured it on his show, interviewing Doctor Scheiner's patient Donna Mart. "I'm not somebody who would jump at putting anything foreign in my body. I don't like the thought of that. I liked the fact it's non-invasive and had a really quick recovery time really."

If someone has had radiation to face or used Acutane the doctor says they may not want to try this. Insurance doesn't cover it usually price for laser treatment for the festoon is about 3 thousand dollars.

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