Local clinic offers discount on dental care

SEMINOLE, Fla. - Keeping your mouth healthy isn't always easy or cheap. But, a local clinic won't turn anyone away.

Dr. Thomas Porter, head of the University of Florida's Seminole dental school and clinic, said that one of the best things about the school is that they offer the Tampa Bay community what many private dentists don't.

"There are no limits on who can come here," Dr. Porter said, "Anyone can come here. Patients who have Medicaid, patients who don't have Medicaid, patients who pay out of pocket."

If you have to pay out of pocket, the fees are approximately 30% less than most private dentists. The dental school graduates work under the supervision of Dr. Porter, providing dental services from simple cleanings to root canals to implants.

They also handle emergency cases.

The clinic is tucked away on the St. Petersburg College campus in Seminole.

For more information on the program, follow this link:


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