Less invasive procedure opens up blocked sinuses with little pain and less recovery time

Local doctor says sinus balloon opens sinuses

Thirty-five million Americans suffer from intense pressure from chronic sinusitis. Until recently, major surgery was the best way to correct the problem.
We’re taking action for your health with information on a less invasive sinus “balloon” that’s opening up new possibilities for those in chronic pain.

The device is gently inserted into the nose of a patient and inflated. It causes what local doctor Randall Latorre calls a “controlled micro fracture” of a bone in the sinuses that’s permanent. The balloon is then removed, leaving no device in the patient.

Latorre performed the procedure recently on a patient with chronic sinusitis.
“He's been on multiple antibiotics, nasal sprays, antihistamines – it's just not clearing up,” Latorre said.

Steve Byrd, another patient, opted for the balloon over a more invasive procedure. Months later, he is breathing easier. Sometimes his wife wakes early in the morning to hear if he’s breathing.

“She's listening to see if I’m alive because I used to snore so badly,” he said.
Latorre said there is a 98 percent success rate and it’s a one-time fix for most patients.
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