Latest trending basketball strategy: Schedule your vasectomy during the NCAA basketball tournament

More men using surgery as an excuse to watch TV?

DENVER - This weekend, college basketball takes center stage, while a few fans are using any excuse they can to catch all the action.

Doctors in Denver are seeing a direct correlation between March Madness and when men schedule vasectomies. 

It seems, for this surgical procedure -- timing is everything.

"Most of the time these guys are looking for excuses to tell their wives about why they have to stay inside and watch basketball on TV," said Dr. Jesse Mills, director of the Center for Men's Health at the Urology Center of Colorado. "Here's a great carrot for them. Here's a great incentive."

Let the madness begin, both on the court and at urology clinics everywhere.

"Vasectomies provide permanent sterilization for a man," said Mills. "The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes. It usually involves one very small, or two very small incisions just over the Vas deferens, which is the tube in the scrotum that carries sperm out."
"What better excuse to lounge on the sofa guilt free," said one patient who underwent a vasectomy during the tournament three years ago.
"The satisfaction of knowing that you've taken one for the team," said Mills.

On the court and at the Urology Center of Colorado, statistics don't lie.

The UCC sees a good amount of foot traffic for vasectomies any given week, but there's always a full-court press walking through doors at this time of the year.

"We typically double the number of vasectomies we normally do for a week," said Mills. His clinic already has 20 vasectomies scheduled for this Friday.

"I don't get a lot of free time to myself," said Jeremy Stelter. "So, if you're going to do it - let's do it during March Madness."

"The cringe factor is perfectly understandable," said Mills. "But the fact is, the procedure itself takes about 10 minutes. Before they know it, they're out of here."

Mills said vasectomy reversals also increase this time of year.

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