Is your job good for your health? Check this list

A job that's good for your health gives you a good quality of life. It's about benefits and control over your time and your work. Experts at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health say workers need respect and wellness incentives.

From, here is a list of the best jobs for your health, followed by the worst. 

Best jobs for your health

  • Fitness instructor. Keeps you in shape, plus lots of contact with people
  • Software engineer. This topped's "Happiest Jobs" list
  • Florist. Being around plants and nature reduces stress
  • Insurance workers.  Great health insurance benefits
  • Allied health professional.  Lab technicians, dental hygienists have regular hours, focus on health
  • Government employees. Great benefits, time off
  • Small business employee. More personal, lower mortality rate than in big companies

Unhealthiest jobs

  • Firefighter/police officer
  • Desk jockey.  Sedentary lifestyle linked with back pain and obesity
  • Manual laborer
  • Lawyer. Higher rates of depression and stress than general public
  • Healthcare shift workers. Nurses and ER docs suffer sleep disorders, stress, heart disease
  • Service and retail workers. Often don't have health insurance
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