How to start & stick with a fitness routine

Fitness author Pete Williams shows us has to start a fitness routine that you can stick with all year long.

Pete says to start by strengthening and stabilizing the core, all of the little muscles around the shoulders, midsection, and hips. A great place to start is .

As for goal setting, Pete says pick an event goal and not like a wedding or reunion, but something along the lines of completing a half-marathon or triathlon or one of the tougher mud runs. The idea is to train for an event which becomes the goal. Getting in terrific shape is a byproduct, not the goal itself.

One DVD program Pete recommends is JCORE, by Jay Cardiello that will be released mid-January. Pete also co-authored a book with Cardiello, Cardio Core 4x4, that comes out in May.

Pete also says try something fun that's also a terrific workout, like paddle boarding

Pete also demonstrates core-strengthening exercises you can do on a stability ball, an inexpensive workout tool that almost anyone can afford.


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