Holistic pharmacist shares list of wacky health tips you may not have known

Health tips that are weird but true

TAMPA - There is a whole array of weird, natural health tips you may never have heard before.

Sherry Torkos, a holistic pharmacist and health author, came to the ABC Action News studios with a few tricks in her bag for good health, starting with natural ways to treat a cough or cold.  "One natural way to cleanse your sinuses and clear your nasal passages is using a Neti pot or something like this. It's called Alkalol. It's a nasal cleansing solution. It contains eucalyptus, menthol camphor, and different essential oils that really help to give you an invigorating relief from congestion. You put it into this cup and add some saline or water then you use it like a Neti pot. What's great about this is even if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol it's not going to interfere with your medications."

Sherry also brought honey, but not the kind you buy at the local grocery store. "No, in fact, this is a special type of honey that's been studied for its ability to calm a cough.  And buckwheat honey, a dark, amber color and you'll find it in a health food store."

She also brought tonic water. "Tonic contains a small amount of a substance called quinine and its from the bark of the cinchona tree and its used to help relief muscle spasms and cramps."

Also in her bag, palm fruit oil. "Malaysian palm fruit oil is great because it can help not only with lower cholesterol levels but also to protect your brain from damage that occurs when you have a stroke."

Tea tree oil -- what does that help? "Tea tree oil is great for insect bites, but it's also beneficial for helping to treat acne. So for people who have mild to moderate acne, you can buy creams that have tea tree oil added to it."

But don't just put full strength tea tree oil right on your face - she says research shows a concentration of 2.5 to 5 percent is beneficial. 

For more advice from Sherry, visit www.sherrytorkos.com

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