Healthy ways to deal with daily stress

It's a tough world out there. And for some people, the upheaval can be upsetting.
Many become stressed out. But psychologists say, there are ways you can deal with anxiety that can keep depression away. 
- Exercise. Doctors say the best thing to do is to keep busy and get the endorphins pumping, which can make anyone feel better. 
- Watch your salt and sugar consumption.  Lowering both of these in your diet helps your body work better, including your brain.
- Get more Vitamin D. Studies have shown that a lack of Vitamin D can add to the blues. Best way to get Vitamin D?  From the sun. So get out for short periods of time and enjoy the outdoors.
- Spend time with friends or loved ones. Being around people you like can make you a happier person.
- Relax. Try a yoga class or meditation.  Research shows that even 15 minutes of meditation can cut down on stress.
And if you find things don't get better, seek professional help. Depression is a serious condition, but it can be treated.
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