First grader starts school with new leg amputation; Her goal is to run again

How you can help Anna-Saphia get a new leg

TAMPA, Fla. - Anna Saphia is like any first grader, improving her reading skills and eager to get to lunch.

But there's one thing that sets her apart from her school friends.

"They ask all the time what's happened to me. I said I had a really big surgery and I tell them what I've been through," Anna said.

Over the summer, the six year old had her leg amputated at the hip due to a genetic disorder.  Her mother, Lotte Rogers, explained, "The body doesn't fight tumors which actually made her leg grow to almost 20 pounds.  Within the last year, it had grown to the size where she was just basically immobile. She was in a wheelchair and unable to do things on her own."

The leg, Lotte said, was like a parasite stealing all her nutrition, leaving her very tired and very malnourished and very sick.

Lotte said the amputation takes care of about 90 percent of the problem, but there may be future surgeries and Anna wants a prosthetic like 'Winter' the dolphin, which also costs money. 

Anna Saphia said, "I want to start running. I can run with my walker now, but I just want to stand without any crutches or walkers or wheelchairs."

Her mother added, "I'm really proud of her attitude through this whole process, something that would have knocked most people on their behinds."

Support for Anna-Saphia is the page on Facebook.

This weekend Anna-Saphia will attempt the obstacles in a Beach Race.

Here is the Superman Walks - Anna-Saphia Project page:

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