FDA approved treatment relieves excessive summer sweats

Linda Resendiz is getting numbed up for a new procedure to cure an age old problem: Excessive under arm sweating. 
She said it was starting to negatively impact her job.  
“As a radiation therapist, I’m constantly moving all the time and with my lab coat on its pretty embarrassing for it to be wet under there,” she said.
She heard about miraDry – a new noninvasive procedure to basically kill your underarm sweat glands.
It does that by delivering energy to the sweat glands.
“The energy is heat,” said Dr. Francis Caban, a Brandon dermatologist.  “It is delivered deep enough in the skin where the sweat glands are found.”
The device has a cooling system to keep the heat from hurting the more superficial layers of the skin. 
What does it feel like? Linda says, “Well, the numbing needles aren't awesome, but the treatment itself, you really can't feel anything. You feel a little suctioning.”
Side-effects include some redness, swelling even some tiny bumps, but those are temporary.   Insurance doesn't cover the cost of the procedure right now. It will cost anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000.
While the company says miraDry is long lasting, it won't say it’s permanent. 
Still, Linda said it's worth it. 
Does she worry about sweating too much elsewhere as a result? Or not sweating enough to cool her body?
“I really don't,” she said. “I don't want to sweat at all as a lady.”
Alternatives to miraDry include Botox, which lasts three to nine months on average or prescription medications which can also be expensive.
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