FDA approved device is supposed to help smooth out those lumps and bumps of cellulite

Local women try new device to help with cellulite

TAMPA - Julia Frazier wants what many women want, to get rid of those bumps and lumps called cellulite.  She's tried the other stuff.  "I've been in a bed which is supposed to have lasers that help, and I've done some skin-tightening things, but nothing made any difference."

Now she's trying a newly FDA-approved device called Cellulaze.  Doctor Rigo Mendoza said, "The concept is very similar to the laser liposuction in that you're using a laser. The difference is now instead of targeting the deep fat were targeting the actually causes of the cellulite."

Dr. Mendoza says the laser shoots energy that destroys the fibers that pull down on the skin, releasing the puckering effect.  The laser, he says, also melts some of the fat in the area and stimulates the growth of collagen.

"You'll get a little swelling for the next week or two, then you'll start seeing the results in a week or two and you'll see maximum results in about three months.

Ann McGovern tried the Cellulaze eight weeks ago. "Definitely the areas I did, they definitely smoothed out. I did see a difference."

The smoothing doesn't come cheap:  The cost for this procedure can run a couple thousand dollars

The doctor says the risk factors are similar to laser liposuction. You can have discomfort and pain and bruising.

For more information, visit  www.cellulaze.com or www.plasticsurgery-tampa.com

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