Easy things you can do to make your skin look younger right now

Younger looking skin is in your control

TAMPA - Wendy Peterson, who is in her mid 40's, is hoping a new  micro needling procedure with a human growth factor will help keep her skin looking young and healthy by stimulating the growth of collagen.

Her biggest complaint--- "I get dark spots sometimes from sun exposure and lack of sleep sometimes."

Jessica Bull, a registered medical assistant at Skin NV, says there are 10 everyday things most of us do that age our skin. 

Number 10 -wearing the wrong makeup. Bull says, "That can clog our pours. It can make acne problems worse." The answer?  More natural make up or making sure you take off all of your make up daily.

Number nine is not exercising enough and number 8 - neglecting your eye health. Bull says, "If someone is in need of glasses, and they're squinting a lot.  That's going to cause fine lines and wrinkling around the eyes, so it's important to keep up with regular eye checks."

Jessica says eyes creams and even Botox can help with aging around the eyes.

Six, five and four you probably know already - that smoking, sunbathing and too little sleep can affect how your skin looks

Jessica says precancerous lesions on your skin can be treated with FDA approved lasers.

This time of year, stress and alcohol are biggies.  

"Alcohol can deplete oxygen. For people who are rosacea prone, alcohol can be a flare for rosacea," Bull says.

Alcohol is also dehydrating.

Number two is hormone imbalances.  Think teens and acne - also women and menopause.

But the number one skin ager may surprise you - it surprised me. 

Eating too many processed foods.  Bull says,

"There's a lot of chemicals in processed foods.  There's a lot of sugar. Sugar we know causes glycation in cells and that breaks down our collagen."

How many of these affect Wendy's skin? "I would say other than smoking, all of them."

So what can you do?  Expensive treatments like the new and latest micro needling procedure will help. But the three other top ways Jessica says are eating a healthy diet, including staying away from processed foods, wearing sunscreen daily and drinking plenty of water.

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