Device helps control overactive bladders

Sara Parrish is in her 20s. Teresa Flower is in her 50s.
Even though they are at different stages in life, they share an aggravating and embarrassing condition affecting women of all ages: Overactive bladder.
Sara said her problem started when she was just 9 years old.
"I was using the restroom very frequently and my mother took me to the family practitioner and she would say 'What's going on? She's going to the bathroom so much!'" she said.
Teresa said she started having the same problem about five years ago. 
"You would have accidents happen when you coughed or sneezed, when you're standing up. And those kinds of things are embarrassing,” she said.
Dr. Meenakshi Jain of St. Petersburg General Hospital said the problem is a lot more common than people realize. She recommended a minimally-invasive treatment to both Sara and Teresa called interstim therapy. It involves inserting a silver-dollar sized implant into the patient.
"It reestablishes the connection between the bladder and the bowel and the brain," Jain said.
Sara and Teresa went through a trial procedure and then got the implant. They both agree it was life changing. The device also comes with a remote control to give patients an extra upper hand.
"If I have coffee and upset my bladder, I can turn it up a decibel, like point one and then I can drink coffee," Sara said.
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