Dental vibration confuses brain, meaning you may feel no pain at the dentist's office

Local dentist says he makes the pain go away

TAMPA - Need to go to the dentist but dread the shot of Novocain?  A new device is supposed to take the sting out of your dental experience.

"I'm going to numb you, so you are comfortable." Hearing those words from the dentist fills us full of dread, because you know what comes next.  The injection (a shot) of Novocain. 

But local dentist Sandy Schwartz is trying something new to alleviate any shot pain or anxiety. 

It's called the dental vibe.  Basically, it vibrates your gums while the dentist gives you the Novocain - the vibration distracts your brain.

Schwartz said, "The dental vibe provides these oscillations at intervals that change. It's a changing pattern so the brain doesn't get used to it and the way it works, the vibration travels to the brain quickly and ties up the neuro receptors in a normal sensory mode. But while your nerves are tied up feeling this vibration, they are not available to sense pain."

Mike, a patient, says the little buzzing device prevented any sting or pain. "There's no pain at all. I heard the noise, but I didn't even feel the vibration. It was pretty sweet." 

Doctor Schwartz says everyone's experience is different but says, "Many people say I didn't feel a thing or what was that thing you just did. You gave me the injection?"

So what does the dental vibe cost you?  Nothing.  Doctor Schwartz says he'll eat the cost of disposable tips to make sure his patients are comfortable and keep coming back.

Dental Vibe launched in 2011. Dr. Schwartz says there are 11 dentists using the dental vibe in Tampa but several thousand offices using it across the United States.

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