Can the moon help you lose weight?

Would you turn to the moon to lose weight? A diet reportedly gaining popularity in Hollywood is called the werewolf or lunar diet.

It's based on the idea that the moon affects the water in your body the same way that it determines the ocean tides.

Olivia Schmidt, a clinical dietician at Memorial Hospital of Tampa, says claims that fasting at a new or a full moon could help you lose six pounds in a day could be dangerous.

"That kind of weight loss is never a good thing because it's water weight, so you're basically dehydrating your body and causing your kidneys to work overtime," she said.

She is also skeptical about the notion that the moon can affect the water content in your body.

"It was also saying other things like the moon affects your menstrual cycle. I think it can be based on a ton of different things, so in my knowledge, no", she said.

But there are some parts of the diet she believes could be beneficial.

"Interestingly enough some of the recommendations that they base on the diet is not eating after 6 p.m. Well, that's advisable for most people because most people aren't expending a lot of energy at the end of the day, so they're probably going to eat and do leisure activities."

She said she also agrees that it's important to stay hydrated.

"A lot of people don't drink enough fluids, especially if they have some kind of Crohn's [Disease] or irritable bowel syndrome," she said. "A lot of times in the summer I see them being re-admitted for those problems because of dehydration. So lots of fiber, but you also need the fluid to help it along."

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