Bungee Facelift claims to take years off your face without surgery, needles or injections

Florida woman creates facelift in a jar

TAMPA - It all started the day Kimberly Aschauer's son proposed to his girlfriend.  She said yes, and the planning began immediately.

Not just for the bride's trip down the aisle, but for the mother of the groom. 

"I needed help. I wanted to look fresh for the wedding," Kimberly said.

Kimberly thought a mini-facelift would do the trick.  One problem: The $5,000 price tag.  "I went home and got my makeup mirror and I just couldn't stop thinking.  I just wished there was a way that I could look like this, affordably."

So Kimberly invented one. She fastened a piece of elastic between two small combs. She attached the combs to small braids on both sides of her face and magically, without surgery, her face lifted. "Right before my very eyes, when I was looking in the mirror, I watched 10 years come off my face!"

She called it "facelift bungee," came up with a clever way to market it, in a jar usually reserved for wrinkle creams, and started testing it on women.

The before and after images were impressive.

Anne co-owns Premier Beauty in Royal Palm Beach.  Where did she see the biggest difference? "For me it's all in here," pointing to her face.  "It makes a big difference."

Facelift Bungee is sold in 17 stores in Florida but could be poised to really take off!  The Today show featured the product and ABC's show Shark Tank is also interested. "I'm like are you kidding me? They said we're amazed by your product and would like to have you on the show."

Kimberly hopes other women will see results too, and make the facelift bungee part of their daily routine.  "I get up brush my teeth and pop my bungee in.  It's that simple!"

The Facelift Bungee sells for $24.99 and is available online.  For more information go to Kimberly's web site at  http://www.faceliftbungee.com/

There is a footnote to this story.

A woman named Kelly Heyniger claims she, not Kimberly Aschauer mentioned above, created the product, so there may be a legal battle over this.  Stay tuned.

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