Brilliant kindergartener diagnosed with rare disorder that makes her body swell, here's how to help

Family asking public for help

TAMPA - Six-year-old Anna Saphia loves making meals with her mom, Lottee Rogers. Rogers thinks her daughter might be a chef one day, but all this girl really dreams of right now is being a normal kid.

"I can run. I can jump and play a lot,"  Anna Saphia said.

But the one thing holding her back is  Klippel-Trenaunay- Weber syndrome. 

"KTW typically affects one limb or another. In her case it affects her left flank and down. Basically its the lymphatic system  and  vascular system that isn't working properly, not moving the fluids  throughout her body like its  supposed to. So that's why were getting the swelling and right now that leg is four times the size of a healthy leg," says Rogers.

When it comes to treatments, mom says they've nearly done it all. 

"Anything and everything we could possibly do. There isn't a specialist or a doctor we haven't seen. We reached out to a doctor in France who does lymphoma surgeries. We've even been to Denmark and saw a KTW specialist there," she said.

But her condition is getting worse.  

"Lately there's been some other developments that we've done some other genetic testing. So that's why were going to Boston. They have some other tests available hopefully some other treatments available."

Traveling to and staying in Boston takes money, for food, lodging, lost wages and that's when Rogers' colleagues at Keller Williams Realty of South Tampa stepped in with the idea of having a public family fun day to raise money.

"Our company does have a not for profit organization called KW cares and here,  locally, we can decide what we want to do to support our agents. We found out about Lotte's daughter Anna Saphia and we decided we'd like to take the step and help her out," says Broker Tracy Strube.

Donations were collected at the event sponsored by Keller Williams Realty this past Saturday, but donations can also be made through the 1Voice Foundation. Click here to make a donation of $25 or more:

For more information or to make a donation,  contact Pia Ellison at (813) 842-0510 or send an email to

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