Battle the bulge: Five ways to rev up your metabolism

Battling the bulge is always a fight right around the holidays, but it doesn't have to be that way this year.

There are five hot new ways that the experts say can rev up your metabolism.

There's no reason to hibernate and wait for the weight gain this winter. 

In the nutrition and fitness industry, the hot buzz right now is all about these five hot items, starting with hot pepper jelly.

 Nutrition and weight loss specialist Dr. Delrae Messer says it's perfect on eggs or toast to start your day.

"Hot pepper jelly boosts metabolism 20 percent... A compound called capsaicin."

It's the same capsaicin that's been shown to help put the flame out on your hunger hormone.

In even more demand right now is number Acacia powder.

It's an instantly dissolving tasteless powder that experts say is good for your digestive system and can suppress your appetite.

Next on the battle of the bulge list is pickles.  Dr Messer says go for the organic fermented kind in higher end grocery stores to detox your digestive system and reduce the inflammation that causes belly fat.

Then there's the ancient Chinese secret--Green tea.  Experts say drink three hot cups a day and get away from the sugar and energy drinks.

And last, a small glass of red wine on a regular basis to reduce your stress and tackle that midsection expansion.

Four ounces is what most studies show is the correct serving size to get that benefit, so don't drink the whole bottle.




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