Advocacy group against having McDonald's in hospitals

If hospitals are about restoring health and wellness, a McDonald's restaurant might not appear to fit into the equation.

Yet many hospitals have Big Macs and fries in the cafeteria alongside the salads, and one advocacy group is asking nearly two dozen hospitals to give McDonald's an eviction notice in the name of health, according to a USA Today article .

Corporate Accountability International is behind the movement and the group is involved in an even bigger campaign against McDonald's marketing to kids.

Their campaign is supported by nearly 2,000 health professionals, some of which work at hospitals with McDonald's in the building, the report says.

But breaking free of the fast food favorite could come with complications, considering many hospitals are tied to long-standing contracts.

Doctors at Cleveland Clinic unsuccessfully tried to give McDonald's the boot in 2005.

McDonald's defends its restaurant, saying they offer plenty of balanced, healthy options.

The advocacy group admits while McDonald's isn't the only place selling fatty, salty foods in the hospital, they're the biggest business and "lead the way".

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