5-hour Energy death claims filed with the Food and Drug Administration

WASHINGTON - Many people depend on caffeinated energy drinks to get them through the day, but several filings with the Food and Drug Administration claim that some of these drinks are sending people to their graves.

Officials have received reports of 13 deaths in the last four years attributed to the high-caffeine energy drink, 5-hour Energy, and 90 health complaints since 2009, according to a New York Times Report.

Thirty of those reports say the product caused serious or life threatening injuries like heart attacks and in one case, a spontaneous abortion.

But 5-hour Energy isn't the only product under fire. The FDA received five fatality filings attributed to the drink, Monster Energy.

However, a filing with the FDA doesn't automatically imply that a product was responsible for an injury or death, and these claims can be hard to prove.

The distributor of 5-hour energy released a statement, saying their product is safe when used as directed.

Read the New York Times complete report here: http://nyti.ms/QerErD

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