Four questions to ask before your kids have surgery

Getting ready for surgery can be unsettling for kids and their parents. It's important to ask questions so you and your child can be prepared.
Dr. Ron Binding, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Pediatric Surgery Centers, said the first thing that concerns most families is anesthesia.
"The child's first question is 'Am I gonna get a shot?’” said Binding.
"The answer to that is no,” he said. “The nice thing about the inhaled agents we have today is the majority of children can go to sleep breathing through a mask."
The second question parents may ask is about fasting before surgery.
"We want two hours since they have had clear liquids,” Binding said.
“Six hours for a light meal or for milk and eight hours for a fatty meal or a full meal,” he said.
Then there's question number three: Can your child take their medications the day of surgery?
 "We actually encourage the parents to give the medications right up to the time of the surgery because taking a medication with a sip of water will not increase the risk of anesthesia,” he said.
And question number four: What should you tell your child before surgery?
Binding says honesty is the best policy, but also consider their age.
"Kids under 7 just need to know they're going to be separated from the parents for a short while, but there's somebody with them the whole time to make sure they're fine,” he said.
Older kids and elementary age kids need to know that they're getting something fixed that won't heal on its own, Binding said.
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