Guide and overview to new motions for 3-hour Zimmerman hearing

Motions will be argued in court Tuesday morning

TAMPA, Fla. - The following is a guide and overview to the motions to be discussed at a scheduled 3-hour hearing in the Zimmerman case Tuesday at 9  a.m. 

NOTE: Links to full motions open as PDFs.

  • Basic Notice of Hearing:

  • Motion to Additional Deposition:

Wants to depose again a particular witness- Investigator Erwin - pertaining to claim that the investigator heard Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin's father, say "no" when asked if the scream for "help" came from his son.

Defense claims Zimmerman acting or not acting in self-defense is primary, if not sole, issue of the case; says Tracy Martin's opinion on the scream for help is "utterly significant."

  • Motion to Compel Additional Discovery

Defense wants more evidence as part of discovery, including surveillance video, location data, Google data, and similar data information requests.

A significant piece of the motion includes a request for the reported Crime Line tip from an anonymous caller who claimed there was a child who lives in Zimmerman's community who witnessed some or all of the altercation, including notes and details of the tip's follow-up investigation.

  • Motion to Compel Production of Evidence From Third Party:

Defense files motion to obtain original recording and device used by Martin's parent's attorney Benjamin Crump to record Witness 8: Trayvon Martin's "girlfriend."

  • Motion to Compel Regarding Voice ID:

Defense files motion to compel state to name witnesses who have heard and have opinion on who was yelling "help" in 911 call.

Defense states in motion they feel opinions of witnesses on who was yelling for help will be "an important issue in the case."

Defense says several on state's discovery who are familiar with both voices, but no reports on their opinions.

  • Motion to Modify Conditions of Release:

Motion includes deposition with the man who Zimmerman said asked to help him, but the man said he was calling police instead of helping and went back ni side.

Motion says that only known eye witness stated, "there was a black man with a black hoodie on top of either a white guy or... Hispanic..." ... "the one guy on top ... was pretty much just throwing down blows on the guy kind of MMA style."

That witness said he felt the person calling for help was the person getting beat up on the bottom; person who was shot was on top.

Zimmerman defense adds claim: Sum of 30 FBI interviews is that Zimmerman had not acted and did not act in racist ways night of Martin's death.

Defense claims based on all info, Sanford PD had apparent consensus that there wasn't probably cause that he should be charged with any crime. Includes interviews with witnesses about his general reputation.

Motion states:

"Mr. Zimmerman needs to be able to travel  more freely throughout the State of Florida for reasons of his own personal safety and further in order for Mr. Zimmerman to have the ability to assist his defense be being available to meet with certain other witnesses in the case, including experts, investigators and other defense assistants."

It requests removal of GPS monitoring; removal of restriction to have to stay ion Seminole County; allow him to travel freely through the state without supervision.

  • Motion to Clarify Bail:

Part of motion is to clarify whether Zimmerman can have contact with various witnesses of the case.... defense feels the court didn't mean to suggest he cannot contact those people he knows personally; wants to clarify that he can speak to anyone except for Trayvon's family, hold necessary trial procedures.    

  • Motions for Specific Discovery From the FBI, DOJ Community Relations, SAO and SPD; various other requests:  


All motions at

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