Gasparilla event busy night for authorities

TAMPA, Fla - The Tampa Police Department released the number of people charged with crimes related to Gasparilla.

Three people charged with felony crimes at the event, but most were misdemeanors including 39 people arrested for disorderly conduct, theft and other offenses, while 12 were charged with underage drinking.

The pirate problems weren't just on land.  Police reported seven cases of b-u-i… boating under the influence.

Tampa fire-rescue had its hands full with a variety of emergency calls. 

In all there were 106 calls for medical help during the festival.  41 of those required transport by ambulance.  Fortunately none was life threatening.

The numbers may change as police are still dealing with the Gasparilla after party at Curtis Hixon park, which kept many people out past ten o'clock downtown.

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