Florida Lottery sales on rise on back of most popular game

Scratch-offs are most popular game

The lure of instant winnings has made Florida more money on the lottery than any other state in the nation except New York.
Of the state record $5.4 billion Florida brought in on gambling last year, more than $3 billion came from scratch-off games.
"We see that there are demographic segments that tend to be much more likely to play the game, and we happen to be home to many of those demographic segments," said Dr. Chris Jones, a visiting full-time instructor of economics at the University of South Florida.
Jones said it's not just population size, but population type, that has made the Florida Lottery so successful.
"Older individuals, and individuals of a certain income strata, those people are lottery players," Jones said.
Jones also points to the trend of games that provide instant gratification for the gambler and the variety of games. For instance, there are now 65 different kinds of scratch-off games, a type that usually provides a higher chance of return for the player.
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