Family hopes CNN special will help find Christopher Ponce

TAMPA - Millions of people had the chance to learn about Christopher Ponce, on the run after a going the wrong-way crash on I-275 that killed a young Bay area man.

You may remember, authorities say Ponce skipped town while out on bail.

Sunday night, the new CNN show "The Hunt" profiled the ongoing search for Ponce, putting his case in the national spotlight.

The show has snagged one fugitive in four episodes so far. One bay area family desperately wants their son's killer to be the second.

"It’s not a party, we'd rather not be doing this," said Wade Angel.

"These are all people who knew William, who loved William."

Family and friends of William Angel are gathered at his Wesley Chapel home for one thing, to see justice prevail, where they say it has failed in the past, more than 2-years after Williams death.

"It’s been 451 days since Christopher fled," said Lynn Angel, Williams mother.

In May 2013, while waiting on house arrest for his trial for DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, authorities say Christopher Ponce, cut off his ankle monitor and disappeared.

"I made a promise to William that I would make sure the guy who did it would pay for it,” said Angel holding back tears. “Before that can happen, I have to find him."

The question is, where is he. So far, local law enforcement, and the U.S. Marshals have no idea.

"When I opened my eyes I was laying out on the engine," said Jay Davis, a passenger in the car William died in that night.

Davis still struggles to speak about that night. Headlights were the last thing he remembers when ponce's Ford Fusion slammed head on with the Ford Mustang carrying William, Jay, and another friend.

These days Williams caring spirit, and intoxicating personality is always close to jay's thoughts.

"The pains always going to be there, we could have caught him yesterday and I still think I would feel the same way,” said Davis. “But it’s all about doing the right thing, and it’s about making sure he pays for what he did."

"Ponce running adds salt to the wound, and the fact that we know that there's people out there helping him, it hurt us more," said Williams Father Wade.

If you or anyone you know has any information on Christopher Ponce's whereabouts your asked to contact Crime Stoppers or your local law enforcement.

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