Family distributes flyers of missing girl

BRANDON, Fla - "I guess the best way to explain it is an absolute nightmare." 

For Todd Lyon, the concern for his niece's safety gets worse with every passing hour.  But with the community coming together to help get the word out there's hope that 16-year old Ashley Lyon turns up alive and unharmed.

New York Times Square Pizza has been posting flyers of the teenager on its pizza boxes and Hillsborough county sheriff's deputies suspect the girl may be with a registered sex offender.  41-year old Stephen Myers has a distinctive truck, a 1989 black ford ranger with flames painted on the sides.

Lyon's father Roger says his aunt just gave a five-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the safe recovery of the child.

"When all of a sudden there's a monetary reward out there people look a little bit harder.  Maybe remember something that they may have blown off before."  



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