The 20 most useless graduate degrees

Ever wonder if the degree you paid for is worth it?

The Daily Beast compiled a list of the 20 most useless degrees to graduate with.

The list rankings were based on salary throughout the career with the degree and number of jobs available in that field.

According to the list, the most useless degree is journalism. Journalism degrees have a starting salary of only $35,800 with a mid-career salary of $66,600. The change in number of jobs expected in this career path between 2008-2018 is -4,400.

Read the full list below:

1. Journalism
2. Horticulture
3. Agriculture
4. Advertising
5. Fashion Design
6. Child and Family Studies
7. Music
8. Mechanical Engineering Tech
9. Chemistry
10. Nutrition
11. Human Resources
12. Theater
13. Art History
14. Photography
15. Literature
16. Art
17. Fine Arts
18. Psychology
19. English
20. Animal Science

To read the full detailed list, click here .

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