Taking better photos on back-to-school day

Five tips to help you take better photos on back-to-school day.

1. Go candid. "Say cheese" photos are great, but step back and get a photo of your child amid all the chaos or walking to the classroom with that big backpack and lunchbox. Try to get him when he doesn't know you're taking the photo.

2. Don't forget the details. Look around the school and classroom for details that could be used later in a photo album or scrapbook. Name tags or signs that say "welcome back" work well.

3. Don't forget video. Do a short interview with your child, asking her what she expects in the coming school year. These are great to share with friends and family on Facebook and will be priceless memories years later.

4. Give your child a camera. If you want photos from your child's perspective, ask him to take pictures. This works especially well for older kids who are too embarrassed to be photographed at school by Mom and Dad. For younger kids, disposable cameras work well.

5. Include yourself. I often get so busy making photos and video of our kids that I forget to include myself. Ask another parent to take a photo of you with your child and then offer to do the same for that parent.

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