Which Florida colleges give the best return on investment?

Payscale.com recently released its list of which college and universities are rated best for return on investment.

Eckerd College and the University of South Florida ranked in the top 20 for Florida schools.  The University of Tampa did not receive a good return on investment rating.

The rankings looked at how much more a bachelor's degree graduate at a particular school would make versus someone without a college education.

"I didn't think it would be that low, it's pretty bad," said UT student Treyton Simmons.

Tampa Bay Area Schools ROI

  • Eckerd College: $266,000
  • USF: $261,5000
  • University of Tampa: $54,200

James Patterson at Eckerd College said he wasn't surprised by the findings and is pleased by what he heard.

"That make me really happy knowing that I can graduate from Eckerd College and be able to have a high return on investment," said Patterson.

To see the full list of college rankings, click here.

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