'Doomsday' bunker found in Kissimmee man's backyard

A stolen trailer led officers to suspect's home

KISSIMMEE - Kissimmee police may have solved the case of a stolen trailer, but they're just now uncovering the mystery of what the trailer was being used for.  

Officers said the suspect told them he was preparing for the end of the world.

"He was building a doomsday type bunker," said Stacie Miller with Kissimmee Police.  

The man, who lives on Manor Drive in this suburban Orlando town, is believed to have stockpiled several trailers, including food transport units, so he could build an underground shelter.  His name hasn't been released because police haven't charged him with a crime.

Two of the trailers were found buried on top of each other, and the suspect told police he was planning to drill a hole so he could move through both.  

In any case, city officials don't believe they wouldn't have done much good if the apocalypse truly arrived.

"A trailer is not structurally sound," said Craig Holland, Kissimmee's development services director.

Neighbors in the Eola Drive area noticed heavy machinery making noise in the suspect's backyard.

"He had this crane, and he worked there for about three weeks," said one resident.  "Pulling, and just digging and digging.  You could see him over the fence, and the next thing I know, I couldn't see him at all."

Officers are considering possible charges against the man, after they recovered a trailer that belonged to Clay & Sons, a Kissimmee automotive store.

"We had a tip that the trailer might be in front of his house.  And there it was," Miller said.

Kissimmee police said the man didn't say when he expected doomsday to arrive.

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