Despite late start Bollywood Rewards a huge success

TAMPA, Fla - Bollywood delivered big time. Inside a packed Raymond James Stadium, the show started with an elaborate pirate themed production.

Tampa's  own Bob Buckhorn was part of the opening act, the entertainers trying to get the key to the city.

The mayor finally relented , "Ok, I will give you the key only on one condition, you entertain us!" exclaimed Buckhorn.

The audience roared. The international Indian film Academy said they made 25,000 seats available, all the ones on the lower field were sold out.

The award show a  Spectacular fusion of two cultures blending and just as heart stopping the action on the green carpet.

The biggest of U.S. stars mingling with A -list celebrities.

 Action News captured Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra posing with John Travolta.

Kevin Soacey stopped to talk on the green carpet, shortly after his costar on house of cards even Indian co star Sakina Jaffrey raving about Tampa.

Like the other advanced hosted by the International  Indian Film Academy, The show started 1:45 minutes late, but fans did not complain.


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