Deputies remain on alert after McLane Middle School fight

BRANDON, Fla. - When students look out their classroom windows at McLane Middle School in Brandon, they see deputies.

"It makes me feel better because that way the kids understand we're not tolerating
anything. We're not going to tolerate the disruption," parent Sherrell Cotton said.

The law enforcement presence on campus follows a fight more than week ago between two students near the campus bus pick-up area.

An overwhelmed school resource deputy shocked a 15-year-old girl with a stun gun in front of a large crowd that gathered to see the fight.

"Within this month, that's when the chaos has started," Cotton said. "I don't know about any other time that it's been this bad."

Cotton said the incidents have been a distraction for students like her 13-year-old but also likes seeing the changes made by the school's principal.

"She doesn't want anyone lingering in the halls. We don't want anything to happen that doesn't
need to happen. We don't want you out here starting things and just messing with other kids for
no apparent reason," she said.

The school district has also changed release times so that the campus' 900 students don't get out of class at the same time.

The Hillsborough County School District spokesman said the increased law enforcement presence is meant to quell another incident connected to last week's fight.

"When you have an incident like we did last week, that's going to result in a lot of talk, probably
some trash talk," said Hillsborough County School District Spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

Cotton said the extra security measures are welcomed so their students have a safe place to study.

"All she wants to do is come to school and learn, and I would think that's what the other kids
want to do and the majority do," she said.

The school district says extra deputies will be on campus through Friday when spring break begins.

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