CUTE VIDEO ALERT: Piglet gets new wheels!

CLERMONT, Fla. - With a clever name and cute viral video, Chris P. Bacon, is the web's newest star! 

Dr. Len Lucero inherited the baby pig when a woman brought him to the Eastside Veterinary Hospital in the Central Florida city to have him put to sleep.

Chris P. is disabled; his little hind legs don't work.

"She wanted to do the most humane thing possible," said Lucero.
"She was distraught. She was crying up a storm, and I said, 'We've got options here,'"

Lucero adopted the pig and named him Chris P. Bacon, then made him a wheelchair using his son's K'nex toys.

The rest -- as they say -- is history!

Here's the link to the full YouTube video that made Chris P. so popular!

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