Postcard Mania – Community Hero Taking Action Against Domestic Violence

TAMPA - The 2012 Taking Action Against Domestic Violence campaign is in full swing at WFTS-TV ABC Action News. The intense on-air and online campaign is now in its fourth year. So far, the campaign is credited with a 77% increase in calls to the statewide domestic violence hotline, 1–800-500-1119. 

A moving force behind the campaign is the tremendous community support ABC Action News receives each year from local leaders and bay area businesses.

To coincide with launch week, Postcard Mania – based in Clearwater – delivered 5,000 postcards to the station to help spread the word on the campaign!  The hand-size cards, perfect for briefcases, purses, and refrigerator doors, provide viewers with a map of the Tampa Bay area and a full listing of the local domestic violence centers serving each community. The listing, county by county, also includes the station's domestic violence webpage where an online and interactive version of the map can be found.  

"This is amazing! We can't thank Joy Gendusa (President & CEO) and her team enough! They are giving of their talents and services to help raise awareness of local resources that exist to help victims of domestic violence," said Lissette Campos, WFTS TV Director of Community Affairs & host of the annual Taking Action Against Domestic Violence Primetime Special. "When victims of abuse get this map and see name after name of DV Centers in the Tampa Bay area, they've got to realize they are not alone. There are specially trained advocates at all 12 bay area centers that are standing by to help victims on the journey – whether you're a female or male victim, young or old, rich or poor, the centers are there to help with a variety of services beyond emergency shelter. No one says it's easy to break the cycle of abuse, but what we are saying is that victims don't have to do it alone. The donation of 5,000 full color, glossy, super-fabulous Domestic Violence Awareness postcards by the folks at Postcard Mania helps us do that."

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